About TSFG

Tindal Street Fiction Group was founded in 1983 and is still going strong.

Tindal Street is a no-through-road in Balsall Heath, Birmingham where the group used to meet. Afterwards the group would drink in the Old Moseley Arms. During the 80s and 90s the group produced several anthologies of stories and in 1997 published a book-length collection of stories by Alan Beard, which became a successful dry-run for Tindal Street Press (the publishing company that grew out of the fiction group). The group, however, is a distinct organization from the publisher, with different aims and personnel. Update: Tindal Street Press authors have been absorbed into the Serpent’s Tail list.


TSFG is currently full. There are 16 members (8 men/8 women) plus several associate members (usually members who have moved from Birmingham but wish to stay in touch). We also have a waiting list, and at this point we are not accepting any further applications to join.

TSFG members have had a good success record over the years, including Booker and Orange prize longlistees, winners of several awards, including the Tom-Gallon award, a Shirley Jackson award, and the Prix du Premier Roman Etranger, and appeared in numerous anthologies including several Best British Short Stories anthologies. For a full list of members past and present and their achievements please see this page.