Charles Wilkinson has new book of poetry out.

Although TSFG is a fiction group, some of our members also write poetry, Charlie is a fine poet and has had previous collections out. See back cover below for details:

Cover_wilkinson_TJ (1)_Page_1

Gaynor Arnold and Annie Murray appearing together in Birmingham

Together with Carolyn Kirby, Gaynor and Annie will be discussing ‘their latest novels, as well as the idea of inventing the past, writing historical fiction, and their different connections to the local area.’ The event takes place at Waterstones, Birmingham on Thursday 25th July at 6:30pm.More details can be found here.

Annie  Annie Murray       gaynor Gaynor Arnold


Anthony Ferner’s new novel is out.

Anthony’s novel ‘Life in Translation’ is his third, and his second to be published by Holland Park Press. Link here.


From the press release: Life in Translation vividly describes the ups and downs of life as a jobbing translator who dreams of literary fame…. The story is told through a mosaic of interlinked episodes that together create a picture of the narrator’s bumpy road to maturity. Finally, he realises, painfully, that he, a translator, is prone to ‘misreadings’: of his own strengths and weaknesses, of the women in his life, of the viability of his translation career, of the options open to him.



Garrie Fletcher’s new novella published.

Garrie’s novella ‘Submerged’ was launched last night at Birmingham Whisky Club. A great time was had by all.

‘Submerged’ is one man’s journey across a deserted land in search of his family. Beset by packs of wild dogs, unnerving dreams, and the ‘ping’ of sonar, it isn’t until he returns to the overgrown city he once called home, determined to take his own life, that he realises his demons are not merely external.

Garrie Fletcher’s surreal and disturbing novella takes us on a strange journey through a dystopian landscape of the mind. Link here.


Sibyl Ruth’s memoir appears in anthology.

Sibyl’s piece ‘Restored’ is part of a collection called ‘Who Are We Now? A collection of true stories about Brexit: How the 2016 referendum damaged our families, friendships and sense of security and belonging.’ Link here.


From the introduction:

Brexit has had an astonishing impact on the everyday lives of Britons and this book of essays and memoir investigates the fallout for 15 writers’ personal relationships. The collection reveals the human stories of how the aftermath of the 2016 referendum has impacted on ordinary people’s personal relationships, friendships and sense of belonging. With moving honesty and grace, the writer’s reveal their disbelief, heartbreak and resilience in the face of the greatest political and social upheaval in a generation.