Julia Bell’s new book ‘Radical Attention’ out.

Ex TSFG member Julia has written an essay examining how the online world battles for our attention and why:

New short book for Peninsula Press coming October 2020 . . .

An essay on the battle for our attention in the age of distraction.

‘Attention pays. In today‘s online economy it has become a commodity to be bought and sold… In exchange for our attention, information and entertainment is ever at our fingertips. But at what cost? In this essay, at once personal and polemical, meditative and militant, Julia Bell asks what has been lost in this trade off. How can we reclaim our attention? In a world of infinite distraction, how can attention become radical?’

Read more here: https://peninsulapress.co.uk/product/radical-attention

Joel Lane books are re-published.

Two of Joel Lane‘s books are re-published in great new editions from Influx Press.


‘Stories as urgent and uncomfortable and ultimately transcendent as they were when they were written.’

– Nina Allan, author of The Dollmaker

‘A poet of misfits, outsiders and the forsaken, his empathy for their suffering ever poignant.’

– Adam Nevill, author of The Ritual

Sidura Ludwig’s new book of stories is available.

sidura 3


Sidura was a member of TSFG in the early 90s before returning to live in Canada. ‘You Are Not What We Expected’ follows her earlier novel ‘Holding My Breath’ published by Tindal Street Press in the UK. It has had an excellent critical reception, including endorsements from Jami Attenberg, author of All This Could Be Yours:

“A gorgeous, highly visceral, deeply felt collection of linked stories about how families work — and don’t work — together. The Levine family is unforgettable.”





Luke Brown’s new novel launched in February.

Luke, who was a TSFG member throughout the 00s and early 10s, has a second novel ‘TLukeheft’ out soon. There is a launch in London on Feb 6th, and in Birmingham Waterstones on Friday 21st Feb., at 7pm. Further details: Luke Brown launch

‘Theft is a novel about the divisions in contemporary Britain, about north and south, rich and poor, men and women…

… Theft is Luke theftan exhilarating howl of a novel. With heart, bite and humour, Brown takes the reader beyond easy, partisan perspectives with this timely story of a divided society.’

Luke Brown grew up in a former fishing town on the coast of Lancashire. Luke moved to Birmingham in 1997 to do an English degree, and lived in Balsall Heath until 2013, during which time he spent a decade working as an editor for Tindal Street Press. He now works as a book editor, and a lecturer at the Centre for New Writing at the University of Manchester. He has written two novels, My Biggest Lie and Theft, and his fiction has appeared in The White Review and Mal.