Joel Lane has stories translated into French in new collection.

Joel, who died in 2013, continues to have his work published in new collections, and this one from Dreampress looks particularly lovely:

(pic: Nicholas Royle).



Alan Beard’s story featured in ‘Mechanics Institute Review.’

The Mechanics’ Institute Review is Birkbeck’s (University of London) annual anthology of short fiction by emerging and established writers from across the UK.
With 14 issues published to date, The Mechanics’ aims to champion the short story as an art form, promoting diversity and opportunity for all while publishing new work of the highest possible standard. ‘

Below is a picture of Beard reading from his story ‘At Gloucester Docks’ at the Birmingham launch of the anthology. (pic: Yasmin Ali).

cherry red


Polly Wright’s story in new anthology.

listeningPolly has a new story ‘A Miracle of Rare Device’ in the collection ‘Listening with Non-Human Others’. The book is an ‘extensively illustrated collection of essays, stories, songs, drawings, and colour photographs explores creative ways of listening with the materials, energies and vitality of non-human life.’

Available to buy or as a free download here:



New story from Charles Wilkinson in Canadian anthology

Charlie has a story in this anthology of ‘weird fiction’, the seventh in a series that Peter Straub describes as: ‘a smart, soulful, illuminating investigation of the many forms and tactics available to those writers involved in one of our moment’s most interesting and necessary projects, that of opening up horror literature to every sort of formal interrogation. It is a beautiful and courageous series.’