Kit de Waal’s story on Radio 4.

Don’t miss Kit de Waal’s contribution to the Midlands Odyssey (see post below), soon to be aired on Radio 4, Sunday 30th November @7:45pm. A link to more details.

This programme will be available shortly after broadcast

Adrift at the Athena

Shorts: Writing WestEpisode 1 of 3

SHORTS: New writing. New writers.

The first of three Midlands Odysseys: short stories written in response to The Odyssey – transplanting episodes from Homer’s epic to contemporary Midlands settings.

Ulysses Tate has been away for a long time and is trying to get home. At the Athena launderette, he meets a woman who shows him great kindness.

By Kit de Waal.

Producer: Mair Bosworth.


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