Two TSFG authors featured on Brum Radio

Sibyl Ruth will be reading poems  @ 11am on Sunday 29th May . She says:

I’m reading three of my own poems and two poems which I have translated.  Here’s a few lines from my version of Nikolai Gumilev’s  (Russian) poem Giraffe.

Let me tell you about grasses, the myriad

palm trees, about the lush scent of greenery.

Don’t cry. Listen… Far away, by Lake Chad

there’s a beautiful giraffe roaming free.


Alan Beard’s story ‘Cheer Up Lucky Lips Forever’ will be broadcast on Tuesday 31st May 10:30 p.m., and repeated the following Sunday 5th June at noon.

The story opens:

When I was young the sky was mine. I was always getting close to it – up trees, on roofs, the iron bridge. I loved hilltops, exhausted from the climb lying looking up into the blue. I’d been on a plane once, to Spain – and back – saw cirrus drift above tiny mountains running on for miles. I was sure I could fly; just jump in a certain way and off I’d float, skim houses and see faces I knew looking up at me.



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