Three TSFG members appear in Lockdown Tales

TSFG members Mick Scully, Natalie White and Marg Roberts appear in Lockdown Tales. This project ‘aims to gather stories about living in times of national emergency. We are collating anecdotes of past and present, when people’s personal freedoms were suddenly restricted. Examples of these situations could be wars, the AIDS crisis, or fleeing to another country as a refugee. You are free to write in any short literary art form, including memoir, fiction, poetry or drama on any subject triggered by our title.’.

Lockdown Tales is one of many initiatives run by the innovative HEARTH Centre, an organisation which ‘uses the arts to animate key issues in mental health, social care and the humanities, and promote well being – which we do through theatre productions and literary events and courses.’ More information here.

HEARTH’s artistic director Polly Wright, is a theatre director, performer, facilitator, writer, lecturer, and researcher who co-founded Women and Theatre in Birmingham. She is also a longstanding member of TSFG.


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