Kit de Waal’s ‘My Name is Leon’ reaches our TV screens this week!

Kit’s best selling novel ‘My Name is Leon’ has been adapted for television and will be screened this Friday (10th June 2022) on BBC 2 at 9:00pm. It was taken up by Lenny Henry’s production company.

‘Sir Lenny, who previously voiced the audiobook of My Name is Leon, added: “Kit’s writing is so vivid and pictorial, when I was doing the audiobook I could see the characters in my head.

‘ “I rang my office and said ‘we’ve got to do something with this’ and six years later, here we are.” ‘

Kit is extremely pleased with the adaptation and said at the launch: “Every author who has their work adapted, you hope it is faithful, you hope it turns out how you imagined it and it absolutely has been a dream team. ”  Find out more here. Watch a trailer here.

Kit and Sir Lenny Henry at the launch of ‘My Name is Leon’.


1 thought on “Kit de Waal’s ‘My Name is Leon’ reaches our TV screens this week!

  1. DearAlanandal, Heartfelt apologies butI won’t be with you tonight. I went out to lunch ( there’s a thing) and overindulged in red wine. Now unsafe to drive and incapable of thinking straight in spite of lengthy afternoon sleep. Will send comments. Hope all goes well. Interesting stories. Gaynor ( the wimp)

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